SIA Glāzeri BT offers digital ceramic printing on glass since 2016. We have the only digital printing machine in Latvia with the highest resolution in the Baltic states (800 dpi). After painting with special ceramic ink, the glass needs to be tempered, thus fusing the ink directly with the glass, providing resistance against UV waves, weather, scratches and ensuring a long service life.


Tempered digital printed glass can be multicoloured or single-coloured, containing images, drawing, ornaments or graphics. Unlike UV printed glass, digitally printed glass can be used not only for interior work, but also on the exterior, such as facades.

This is an innovative technology that eliminates the drawbacks of screen printing and UV printing, enabling architects, designers and engineers to implement their boldest ideas in glass decoration.
This technology allows the production of glass facades, railings, walls, doors, floors, furniture, elevator shaft walls, kitchen panels, etc. with a unique design.