One of the principal activities of SIA Glāzeri BT is the wholesale of glass. We offer glass of different sizes and thicknesses in packs, individual sheets and mixed packs. We deliver glass using our own special vehicles (with a loader) and standard trucks. We constantly have more than 200 types of glass (approximately 500 packs) at our warehouse. We always have the most popular types of glass in stock to ensure short delivery deadlines.

Over time, we have established good business relationships with the largest glass producers, which ensures short delivery times, a great range and low prices.

SIA Glāzeri BT offers the following type of glass:
  • Clear float glass;
  • Mass-tinted glass (brown, grey, green, blue);
  • High-clarity (low-iron) glass with reduced iron content;
  • Laminated glass (clear, frosted, soundproof, thermal insulation Low-E);
  • Chemically frosted glass (Matelux);
  • Mirrors (based on clear and mass-tinted glass);
  • Decorative glass;
  • Painted glass (Lacobel);
  • Paint-frosted glass (Lacomat);
  • Painted frosted glass (Matelac);
  • Thermal insulation glass (Low-E, G FasT);
  • Solar reflective glass (Stopsol, based on clear or mass-tinted glass);
  • Fire-resistant glass (Fireswiss Foam, Fireswiss Cool);
  • Fireplace glass (Robax);
  • Picture framing glass (Glamatt, Matobel, 2 mm float glass, Groglass);
  • Wire-reinforced glass.