SIA Glāzeri BT offers the services of design, production and installation of all types of glazed constructions. Glazed constructions can be manufactured from tempered glass, laminated glass, mirrors, fire-resistant glass, painted or digitally printed glass. The glass can be clear, frosted, tinted or high-clarity. We offer the following types of glass constructions:

Glass partition walls. Glass partition wall can be fixed, sliding, folding, with or without doors;

Glass doors. We offer hinged, sliding, single or double doors;

Glass railings and barriers. Used for balconies, elevators, staircases and other spaces;

Glass floors and stairs. Floors and stairs are produced from multi-layer glass and can also be illuminated;

Glass awnings. Protect the entrances of buildings and stores from rain and snow;

Glass shower cubicles. More attractive than plastic cubicles, more durable and easier to maintain. They can be fixed, with sliding or hinged doors;

Glass facades. From tempered or laminated glass or glazed units;

Mirror constructions. Mirrors of various sizes glued or fastened to the wall;

Kitchen glass panels. Kitchen glass panels can be made of painted or digitally printed glass, with images, ornaments or patterns on the glass to give your kitchen a unique touch;

Fire-resistant constructions. We offer fire-resistant partition walls and doors for premises requiring fire protection - emergency exits and similar.