SIA Glāzeri BT offers double and triple glazed units joined along the perimeter with spacer and sealants. The space between the panes is filled with air or an inert gas. 

Depending on the type of glass used in insulated glazing, the following key functions of the glazing units can be defined:

  • Heat insulation. Used to reduce heat losses indoors. Such requirements are best provided by low-emissivity glass with soft magnetron glass - selective Low-E glass;
  • Solar protection. Designed for protection from solar energy to reduce heating of the room by solar irradiation and optimise air conditioning costs. Uses mass-tinted glass, glass with special coatings;
  • Soundproofing. Insulated glazing is also used to reduce the level of noise indoors. Special sound-insulating glass is used for these applications: it is multilayered glass with acoustic PVB film or special acoustic resin between the panes;

  • Safety, impact resistance.  Safety glass is used in order to protect human health, life or property against various types of threats. It is composed of several glass sheets connected using a polymer film;
  • Fire protection. In case of fire, it contains the spread of flame, heat and gasses for a certain time (the duration depends on the fire-resistance class). Like safety glass, the fire-resistant glass consists of multiple sheets connected using a special gel;
  • Decorative function. Glazing units can also serve a decorative function when using painted or digital printed glass. This type of glazing unit is usually used for building facades.