SIA Glāzeri BT offers glass laminated using the EVA method (so-called triplex). EVA laminate is produced using latest-generation EPO equipment, which creates multilayered glass from two or more panes under vacuum and high temperature (up to 140 degrees) conditions.

Lamination is possible for the conventional float glass, with or without solar protection or selective coatings, painted, sand-blasted and other types of glass.

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass - under impact the glass pieces remain in place, which allows it to be used for shop windows, facades, glass partition walls, doors, floors, awnings, vehicle windows, etc. 

Laminated glass also provides additional sound insulation and protection against UV rays.

Use of this type of glass also significantly deters "uninvited guests", which is why laminated glass is used in banks, stores and premises subject to burglary or armed attack risk.

Lamination of glass using EVA film also has a decorative effect: decorative elements such as paper, textile, photos, "smart" polarising layer, drawings, ornaments, etc. between the layers.